A Look at How GigSmart Works for Job Seekers

GigSmart pic

Imge: GigSmart.com

A mobile technology firm, GigSmart provides an employment platform for business and job seekers as well as charities and volunteers. The platform, which focuses on on-demand workers, facilitates all aspects of the employment process by making it easy for organizations and individuals to connect with one another.

Theodore “Ted” Catino has partnered with his wife to cofound GigSmart. Ted Catino’s previous business ventures range from specialized auto financing to investment funds.

Individuals interested in seeking gigs first complete a profile that showcases specific skills and services. This profile allows businesses looking for specific skill sets to find the right candidates. Those seeking workers can then send gig requests to candidates, who have the freedom to accept or reject job offers. Once a work offer is accepted, the job begins and once completed, payment is processed by be GigSmart mobile application. For additional information on the process, visit www.gigsmart.com.


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