3 Unique Employment Options for Retirees


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Direct Salesperson
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Ted Catino is the co-founder of GigSmart and the former co-CEO of a specialty auto finance company in Mason, OH. When not devoting time to his business, Ted Catino coaches people through professional transitions and helps retirees find meaningful volunteer and work opportunities. Below are three unique part-time or temporary positions that offer flexible hours and meaningful work, making them excellent options for retirees who miss working.

1. Translator/Interpreter. Speaking another language provides opportunities to assist with language translation in several types of institutions such as social service agencies, the courts, and customer service centers, among others. This position is ideal for retirees interested in learning about different cultures and meeting new people.

2. Tax-return preparer. For retirees who enjoy working with computers and numbers, consider working as a tax preparer for firms such as Jackson and Hewitt or H&R Block from January to April. You can gain knowledge and experience through companies that offer training classes in tax preparation or Tax-Aide and AARP Foundation, both of which are companies that train volunteers to assist the elderly with tax preparation.

3. Direct Salesperson. If you enjoy working from home, consider a direct-sales position with a company such as Cutco, Avon, or Mary Kay. These positions typically require you to be comfortable making cold calls and to have access to the Internet and a computer.

The GigSmart app can help retirees find meaningful paid or volunteer work around their schedules. GigSmart is available on the App and Google Play stores.


A Look at How GigSmart Works for Job Seekers

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A mobile technology firm, GigSmart provides an employment platform for business and job seekers as well as charities and volunteers. The platform, which focuses on on-demand workers, facilitates all aspects of the employment process by making it easy for organizations and individuals to connect with one another.

Theodore “Ted” Catino has partnered with his wife to cofound GigSmart. Ted Catino’s previous business ventures range from specialized auto financing to investment funds.

Individuals interested in seeking gigs first complete a profile that showcases specific skills and services. This profile allows businesses looking for specific skill sets to find the right candidates. Those seeking workers can then send gig requests to candidates, who have the freedom to accept or reject job offers. Once a work offer is accepted, the job begins and once completed, payment is processed by be GigSmart mobile application. For additional information on the process, visit www.gigsmart.com.

Four Tips for Finding Work after Retirement


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Alongside his wife, Theodore “Ted” Catino began Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation, an auto financing company that he sold in 2011. More recently, Ted Catino founded the job search app GigSmart. Aside from this endeavor, he dedicates his time to helping retirees find work as an interview and transition coach.

The following tips may help you find work after you have retired:

1. Consider a “gig” job. In a gig economy, companies such as Uber and GigSmart rely on independent contractors and temporary workers. The jobs allow you to earn extra money and maintain a work schedule that accommodates your needs and obligations.

2. Embark on an entrepreneurial venture. Look for ways to use your skills to provide services to clients. For example, you can leverage your home-repair expertise to perform maintenance or draw on your knowledge in a specific academic area to tutor students.

3. Offer consulting services. If you possess extensive experience in a specific industry or trade, you can put that knowledge to work by becoming an independent consultant. You can start your own consulting business or apply for short-term consulting positions. Temporary consulting jobs also may lead to full-time employment.

4. Work with a temp firm. These companies help people of all ages and experiences levels. Temp firms work with job candidates to find employment based on their skills and often provide assistance with résumés and interviews.

Notre Dame Football Enjoys Renovated Stadium Facilities

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Notre Dame Football
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A successful Ohio-based entrepreneur, Theodore “Ted” Catino recently launched GigSmart, a mobile application that supports today’s gig economy. Outside of work, Ted Catino enjoys reading, traveling, and following sports. In addition to cheering on his favorite professional sports organizations, he roots for the Notre Dame football team.

For over 85 years, Notre Dame’s football team has played its home games at the beloved Notre Dame Stadium. Arguably one of the most recognized and revered structures in sports, the stadium has hosted more than 445 football games over the years. Thanks to recent renovations, the facility is now one of the most modern stadiums in all of college football.

As part of Notre Dame’s largest construction project to date, the football stadium received renovations and additions totaling approximately 800,000 square feet. In addition to new locker rooms and technology for student athletes, the renovations added a variety of improvements for fans, including new bathrooms and concession stands, new seats, a large scoreboard, and Wi-Fi boosters.

The facility is now also home to three new academic buildings, including the Duncan Student Center, a nine-story structure that houses study and fitness areas as well as spaces for career counseling and student activities. Throughout the 2017 season, Notre Dame is providing a behind-the-scenes look at the renovations on social media.

Ways to Succeed During Your Career Transition

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Career Transition
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The 1995 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Theodore “Ted” Catino has worked in a variety of industries, including investments and automobile finance. Serving as co-founder of GigSmart, Ted Catino divides his time between overseeing the creation of the GigSmart app and coaching others during professional transitions.

Once you have started your professional career, you may realize your interest lies in a different field, thus prompting a career transition. Regardless of your personal reasons for changing careers, these tips can ensure your transition goes smoothly:

Seek support: If you don’t have the right support, going through a career transition likely will be extremely difficult. Find support by asking friends and colleagues for advice or seeking out a transition mentor to answer any questions you may have. You also can look for job placement and resume assistance services to help guide you.

Plan for the unexpected: During your transition process, you likely will experience situations and problems that are not ideal. Instead of letting these issues sneak up on you, try planning for them ahead of time. Keep an open mind about where your skills may be beneficial and explore career opportunities outside of the obvious to ensure you aren’t left jobless.

Return to school: Whether you have the necessary skills and education for your dream job or not, going back to school can help you look more appealing to employers. Online classes and weekend seminars are a great way to update your knowledge and demonstrate that you are familiar with the newest techniques within your target field.

When to Visit Macau

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Theodore “Ted” Catino, former co-CEO of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation and co-founder of GigSmart, has had a successful career as an entrepreneur over the past 30 years. In his free time, Ted Catino enjoys traveling the world, visiting places like Macau.

The peak tourist season in Macau lasts from May to September. During these summer months, temperatures hover between 82 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and visitors enjoy spending their days relaxing on the beach. While the humidity and occasional typhoons during summer can keep some tourists away from Macau, the region is still a popular summer vacation destination for individuals from mainland China.

Macau experiences its off-season from January to March. These months see average temperatures in the mid-60s to low 70s and very minimal rainfall. Compared to many other locations around the world, winter in Macau is far from harsh and still can be a good time to visit for tourists who don’t plan on swimming. Unfortunately, despite being the region’s low season, visitors are unlikely to find discounts on accommodations.

The best times to visit Macau are in April and between October and December. Weather during spring and autumn is extremely pleasant, with average highs in the mid-70s and low 80s. While rainfall during these months is a bit higher than during winter, it is unlikely to sour a trip. Beaches still may be cold in April and between October and December, but visitors can enjoy numerous tours and sites around the city.

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