Using GigSmart As an International or Remote Worker


GigSmart pic


Experienced business leader Ted Catino is the co-founder of GigSmart, a mobile app designed to bring together businesses and employees with flexible, mutually beneficial contracts. In addition to his work at GigSmart, Ted Catino founded the Catino Family Foundation, a nonprofit emphasizing Catholic education.

The GigSmart app is available to workers and requesters throughout the United States. While international employees can make use of the app, requesters rely on GigSmart to fill immediate employment needs, meaning workers should only accept work when residing in the United States. In the vast majority of cases, international job seekers will be required to provide a J-1 Exchange Visitors’ Visa or an F-1 Visa. For more in-depth information regarding employment requirements for international workers, individuals can contact Alliance Abroad, Apex USA, Camp Counselors USA, and a number of related organizations.

By using GigSmart, both requesters and workers can enhance the app’s local profile, while also pursuing remote employment opportunities. To learn more about using the app to fill positions and find work, please visit


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