Proper Posture and Stance for Skiing



In his professional life, Theodore “Ted” Catino serves as an investor and entrepreneur in Boston, Massachusetts. Outside of work, Ted Catino pursues a variety of hobbies, including skiing.

For the skier, good form plays an essential role in control and performance on the slopes. Good form begins with a strong stance, which functions not as a rigid position but rather as a base from which all other movement progresses.

The skier’s basic stance starts with a slight forward lean grounded with weight centered over both feet. The feet are wide apart and knees are bent, so as to absorb impact the best. The waist bends slightly, and the chest is aligned with the toes. The weight shifts slightly forward so that the skier can feel his or her shins pressing into the front of his or her boots.

The incline of the body changes with the steepness of the slope so that the skier can keep his or her center above the skis’ midline. This changes whenever the skier turns or crosses the slope, at which time the downhill or outside ski shifts lower and takes more of the skier’s weight. The body twists slightly toward the line of natural fall, while the head focuses on the skier’s direction.


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