Patriot’s Nate Ebner First Super Bowl Champion to Play Olympic Rugby

Nate Ebner pic

Nate Ebner

A strategic financial consultant based in Boston, Massachusetts, Ted Catino is the trusted advisor of 625 Investments, an opportunistic fund managed by his eldest son, Theodore J. Catino. A huge football fan, Ted Catino supports the New England Patriots.

The New England Patriots’ Nate Ebner is the first Super Bowl champion to ever play rugby at the Olympics, and score a try while at it. Nate, who won a Super Bowl with the Patriots two years ago, played on the US national rugby team in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Nate scored a try in the United States’ 26-0 blowout victory over Brazil on August 9, 2016, before a bad tackle in the second half of the game earned him a yellow card.

Back in the United States, the Patriots stopped training to watch their teammate make history in the Rio Olympics. Nate recently signed a $2.4 million two-year extension with the Patriots.

While Nate is a professional football player, he started out playing rugby through the influence of his late father, Jeff Ebner, who taught him the game when he was young.

Returning to the United States after a defeat by Fiji barred them from qualifying for the Quarter Finals, Nate is optimistic of regaining his weight and form ahead of the coming NFL season.


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